Unified communications (UC) is a framework for integrating various asynchronous and real-time communication tools. The main purpose of UC is to enhance business communication, collaboration and productivity. Unified communications do not represent a singular technology; rather, it describes a strategy for integrating interconnected systems of enterprise communication devices and applications that can be used in concert or successively. For mid-market and enterprise companies, employees and customers need to use the latest technologies for conversation like instant messaging and video conferencing. what can help to achieve such purpose, of making life easier and secure for both customers and employees, more than the Unified Communications that can give them different communication channels including voice, video, IM, presence, mail…etc. UC can successfully achieve this purpose while improving efficiency and productivity in addition to keeping communications and data secured. As companies are now moving away from the nine to five working model and embracing a more remote working and flexible hours, UC guarantee that employees can still be connected anywhere and anytime. UC can help with varies remote working solutions, which can boost Digital Transformation for mid-market and enterprise companies through mobile soft clients, video conferencing, web collaborations…etc. without the need of physical availability at office.


Due to our belief in the importance of UC for all companies, especially during this time of COVID-19 world pandemic, Comutrack Technology Solutions (STS) offers variety of UC solutions for calling, collaboration & meetings by which companies can have systems ready with mobility, IM, video conferencing and team collaborations. STS supports customers in joining the Digital Transformation era with the best solutions in market. Comutrack also consult customers in taking decisions for the solutions that can best fit them by designing and deploying a Turn Key solutions.​​


The Implementation of UC have a variety of benefits that can boost your business in many aspects. These benefits include:

  • Enable remote and mobile workers

  • Improve efficiency and productivity​

  • Reduce total TCO

  • Provide better customer experience

  • Support each user to use the devise and channel of communication while being comfortable with​

  • Always available and reachable anytime and anywhere.